Characterisation reversed – the best stories by class 10F

Characterisation reversed - the best stories by class 10F

Die Geschichten wurden als Teil einer "umgedrehten" Charakterisierung geschrieben, d.h. es wurde zunächst ein Charakter mit Eigenheiten erfunden, dann wurde dieser Charakter in einem bestimmten Kontext bzw. einer Lebenssituation "zum Leben erweckt".

Story by Britta Barkela

It was late but it was still bright in Los Angeles. In one bureau tower you could see the lights of a Christmas festival taking place. It was the place where Albert Carter worked. And it was him, this large and fat man who was already becoming bald, who stepped into the elevator at half past eight to join the party. And as usual he was not alone, his big pitbull called Hunter was with him.

At the party most of the people ignored him, apart from a group of people who seemed to know him a little more closely - they were obviously making fun of Albert. Albert was distracted by them, so that not even he noticed that was Hunter quietly moving away.

Half an hour later, after Albert had depressively drunk nearly three bottles of champagne and offended his boss, he really wanted to go home and whistled for Hunter. But Hunter was gone, he had vanished into thin air.

Albert was badly upset about his dog disappearing unnoticed by anyone and was deeply worried.

Suddenly there was a loud scream which made everyone freeze in an instant. The strange, almost unhuman cry had come from Albert's boss' wife. "My cat" she was was crying. Her voice was breaking but she was obviously turing to anger. "This horrible creature has killed my litty kitty!", she shouted pointing at Hunter who was just appearing right next to her.

Albert was both horrified and appalled by the - as he thought - completely unreasonable accusation and turning towards the screaming woman he started shouting in reply. "Who do you think you are? I just wonder what your stupid cat must have done that Hunter had to defend himself so fiercly. I'm sure Hunter must have been really frightened. I expect you to apologize" he screamed totally out of his mind.

Then he noticed everybody was staring at him in disbelief. He heard his boss coldly telling him to go away. "You have turned mad" were his words. Albert left and never came back to work.


Story by Sarah Waldner

Yesterday it was the school concert. All pupils were looking forward to it because there were really good school bands performing and there was a good mood at the school concerts every year. One of the bands playing was "Crash" - probably the best school band of all. In the meantime "Chrash" had started playing at other festivals, too, because they were so good. The singer of the band was 16-year old Kevin Swatson. All the girls adored him because he was such a handsome boy with his blue eyes and dark hair. They all loved hearing his good voice - and seeing his athletic body - when he was on stage. But not only the girls liked him. The boys appreciated his style and music.

At eight o'clock the school concert was supposed to start. Kevin and the other band members were waiting backstage while the concert hall was already full of people. But suddenly Kevin was called by one of his mates who needed his help seriously, so Kevin quickly walked over to the teacher and persuaded him to move the band's performance to the end of the school concert.

Once having left the concert hall he jumped onto his scooter and quickly drove to his friend's place. After his friend had told him about his problems and sad feelings, Kevin decided to bring him along to the concert. He thought the music would distract him from his problems and would do him good.

Then the concert began. "Crash" made a really good performance and all the people were delighted about hearing the new song, too. After the concert Kevin had to give lots of autographs. It took hours until everybody had left and gone home.

Then Kevin took his scooter and headed homewards, too. At about half of the way the saw Tim who had fallen off his bike. But Kevin did not stop and help - "I won't waste my time for such an ugly and unpopular boy as Tim is", he thought as the drove past.


Story by Henrike Mustert

Phew, I'm so glad this day is over ... It was simply terrible!

I'm currently sitting in the living-room reading a book. It's relaxing - especially because my parents and my brother are not here to distract me. Blake, my brother, has his own house here in New York and my parents have to work. Most of the time they're in another city or country. So I really live alone most of the time. But I quite enjoy that and I'm certainly not bored.

But - as I was telling you - this day was a really terrible day.

It started yesterday. First it was a normal day: I got up, took my shower and got dressed. Then I went to school with my best friend, Blaire. That's where we met Brain and Ewan, who are really good friends of ours. We talked a little and then we had to go to our lessons.

After school Brian, Ewan, Blaire and me walked right to the center of New York. It was there in Central Park, where we met Lila. I hate her - no, WE hate her and she hates us, too. Everytime she sees us she tries to provoke us. It's so annoying!

"Hey Lia! Is that a hotdog you are eating? Don't you parents earn enough money for you to afford anything proper to eat?".

"Isn't she stupid?", I was thinking and Brian who could obviously read my mind said "Lia, don't listen to what she's telling you! Ignore her!". I hesitated but then I said "Yes, you're right. She's not worth it!".

I glanced at Blaire, because she hates Lila just as much as I do, but she didn't say anything. She was only glaring at her in dislike. So we ignored her and went away. Then we had lots of fun.

So, as you can see, yesterday was fine. But today things went from bad to worse. The day started just like yesterday. I went to school and we had a good time. But during the lunch break things changed. Brian, Blaire, Ewan and me were simply sitting at a table enjoying our food, when suddenly Lila came walking past and tipped her food all over me!

"What the ...?", I screamed and screeched and jumped to my feet in an instant. I saw that the others couldn't believe what Lila had done. I turned towards Lila and saw her nasty smile. "Don't.", I heard Brian say, but I just couldn't ignore Lila any longer so I took my food and tipped it over her in return. I yelled "Why did you do that? You're so disgusting!". She glared at me and wanted to reply something but then the headmaster hurried over to us and wanted to know what was going on.

"She tipped all her food over me - it's so disgusting!", Lila said.

I couldn't believe it and yelled that she had started the fight by tipping her food over me. The headmaster asked the others who had started the fight but even though everybody confirmed my story both of us got a detention. That was horrible - having to sit in one room with Lila for two solid hours! When I was back home Ewan phoned me and we talked for a long time. "Lia, it was certainly rude of Lila but you must see that it was simply a provocation! You should have ignored her, your reaction was just what she had intended you to do."

"I know", I sighed, "but that was ... I just wasn't able to ignore her provocations any longer."

Maybe I should listen to my friends in situations like these and learn to control my feelings - but I'm just too vivacious and stubborn...


Story by Annika Simmering

It's twelve o'clock in the morning in New York. The sun is shining directly through the red-violett hair of a young boy skating through the park. His face shows how much he is concentrating and - as usual - you can also see anger in his face.

He never needs a reason to be angry, but he simply is angry. He has thought about the reasons but they don't matter really.

He reaches the great place in the middle of the park. The other skaters there seem to be concentrating on the tricks they are performing with their skate boards. But he knows they aren't. It's just an activity to prevent them from boredom. It's not even the best thing to do but at least a possibility. Without going to school there's a lot of time to kill.

The boy, Kevin, starts to skate again. But just a few minutes later he is stopped by a girl who is standing in his way, so he can't avoid her. His face changes from angry to very angry when he is forced to stop. "Move!" he grumbles angrily. "What's up, Kev", the girl answers, "Why so angry this morning?". She seems to know his name but she doesn't seem to know about his angry nature. "It's your fault. Seeing you stimulates my anger - get out of my way! Right now!" The last words overwhelm the girl, so she does as she is ordered.

He smiles at her and carries on skating. For once there is no anger to be seen in his face.