Klasse 8F beschäftigte sich mit der Fabel "Animal farm" von George Orwell

Die Klasse 8F hat sich im Englischunterricht von Frau Waalkens mit der Fabel "Animal Farm" beschäftigt. Die Klasse hat sich zwei verschiedene Filmversionen angeguckt, als erstes die animierte Version und danach die Filmversion mit realen Charakteren. Beide Filme basieren auf der Fabel von George Orwell. Als Hausaufgabe hat die Klasse aufbekommen die Geschichte von "Animal Farm" aus der Sicht eines Tieres nachzuerzählen. Vanessa Joy E. hat einen hervorragenden Text mit einem phantasievollen Ende aus der Sicht des Hengstes Boxer verfasst. Momentan liest die 8F außerdem in der von George Orwell verfassten Fabel.


Vanessea Joy E., class 8F, telling the story of Animal Farm by George Orwell from the perspective of the horse, Boxer, after watching film adaptations

Animal Farm

Telling this story is difficult for me.

I don't know how to start but I guess I'll start with my difficult life on Manor Farm.

Our owner, Mr Jones, was always grumpy and he even hated us, his farm animals, but at least I always had my best friend Benjamin the donkey with me. Together we dealt with all the hard work without getting enough food to eat or getting treated well. Instead, we all were hit by his punishing rope although we didn't do anything bad!

Life with having Mr. Jones with us could be described as bad as hell!

So one day, Old Major, our wise boss, who always tried to cheer us up, called us so we could gather. Everyone came with great honour except for Napoleon who mainly cares for attention and was just like Jones . He should have been chased away as well.

In the assembly Old Major wanted to support us just one last time before he closed his eyes forever. He gave us the idea to demonstrate against Jones but also told us what to avoid after taking that shame of a farmer down.

During the gathering, we noticed that humans are a bad influence on us, in fact they are our enemies! The lesson we learned: Remove humans and there will be freedom and an enjoyable life for us. Therefore, we sang a song of justice coming from Old Major.

In a short time he died and the animals knew what to do.

Our task was first to chase Mr. Jones away and after that, Snowball was our second leader. He was loving and cared for our health but most of all he was very intelligent because he was the one who taught us how to read and calculate. That was later on when we succeeded in chasing Mr. Jones away by fighting together in a great team.

Every human who lived on the once called Minor Farm escaped, we were so happy.

Now Snowball changed the name of the farm to Animal Farm.

Thanks to Snowball we first enjoyed a good life and worked very hard so we could get supplied. With him we also created five rules that every animal had to obey and first they all did but one evening Benjamin and I saw something strange.

All the pigs walked inside Jones' house to lie in beds to sleep but Snowball’s rules declaimed not to sleep in beds so that all the animals stay equal. However, the remaining pigs followed Napoleon to do so.

I wish Snowball had reigned over us instead of Napoleon. It happened that Napoleon trained dangerous dogs in secret in a bad way. With them he gained more and more control over us.

One day Snowball promised us in another gathering that, after we passed the time of working harder than being able to enjoy a meal, there will be the time where we get a luxury life. Our barn would be warm and cozy and we would have electricity so there would be light inside, all this according to his plan.

Everyone, except for Napoleon, was happy and agreed. He only doubted that and was just grumpy all along.

Suddenly he whistled and dogs came and attacked Snowball, they chased him away.

So Napoleon became our leader and presented to us a plan of a windmill. His reign was the beginning of a nightmare.

Dogs protected him and were used by him to punish innocent ones who didn't play by his laws. Moreover, the pigs didn't help building up the mill but they instead just watched us and were practically the eyes and reporters of Napoleon.

Napoleon wasn't fair at all, with him Animal Farm turned into a torture farm and I hated him for this, in fact everyone except for the pigs and dogs hated him. We worked hard from day till night but me and Benji worked the hardest, it was horrible. My worst experience was when I and Benji worked for the mill on a stormy, rainy and dark evening where I had to pull the rope so a rock could be put together with the other ones on top of the mill roof. I remember when a big rock hit me on my head and I woke up in the barn. Benji covered me with a blanket. I had to retire from my accident so the sheep went on building the windmill this time, without me on the next day.

But suddenly, we heard a motor and the noise became louder and louder and we then noticed a white truck arriving at our farm. Benjamin paniced and wanted to get the others, so he ran and left me alone for a moment with that truck.

Then a grumpy looking man jumped out of the truck, grabbed me and hit me so I got inside the back of the car. I was locked up in a dark boot.

We drove away from the farm sad, angry, full of frustration and panic while Benji ran after me for a while.

The place the truck drove me to was smelly and loud, I wanted my friends back!

I was treated badly but one day a group of people took me out of there and brought me to a beautiful place in the countryside where I lived happily ever after and I let people ride on my back, I got juicy, green grass and a wonderful owner.

But still, I can't forget my friends on Animal Farm.