Eindrücke vom Bristol Austausch

Marina & Lilian

Having spent a week in Germany we have really enjoyed this experience and the culture. One thing that was completely different to our school in England was that they do not wear uniform in school: we think that this is a good thing and represents that they are responsible and sensible.

Another difference between their school and our school is that their school day is shorter. For example three days a week, they have a so called ´´short day`` where they finish at 1:05 and two `long days` where they finish school at 3:35. This is completely different to our school in England because in our school we always finish school at 3:05.

Over all it has been a wonderful experience and we would love to do it again.”

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They drive on the other side of the road and I kept thinking that we were going to crash. The only vegetables I had was in a Mac Donald’s sandwich. Best week for food!

The science museum in Bremen was interesting. I liked the earthquake room and table football.

They were very kind and generous hosts.”

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Matilda & Anya

Having been in Germany for just a week, we have really enjoyed experiencing the different culture. One thing that stood out to be very different is not having a school uniform which we see as a good thing. We think that having no school uniform allows students to express themselves, however the fact that in Bristol we wear a uniform eliminates the worry of being judged by others.

This leads on to the fact that the pupils are very mature compared to the students in Redland Green, which might be the reason is why they have the chance to come to school in home clothes.

Food is something that stands out to be very different, too – they eat a lot of meat and have many options for each meal. For instance, in my home in England I will have cereal for breakfast and that will be my only option. In Germany, the table will be laid with an arrangement of different food and drinks. Everyone seems really generous and are all very friendly. They all seem to be amazing hosts. I have had a great stay in Germany.“